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    Sep 9, 2011
    Well I just recently got back from my bull hunt here in New Mexico. I was on the 3rd hunt in GMU 51. I learned a valuable lesson this season about ensuring there are no other hunts going on in an area before you apply for it. There was a deer hunt going on as well as the bull hunt, as well as a bear hunt. And this area is always popular for wood cutters. It seemed like you were always seeing another hunter drive or walk by, hearing a chain saw, or hearing dogs working a bear. There was so many hunters that I was nervous about moving around unless I looked like a pumpkin!
    There was also some outfitters up there, which I had never dealt with before. I thought they only hunted on private land. I talked to a few other hunters that said they were quite aggressive about moving into the hot spots, even if they were stepping on other hunters. So that gives me a few things to try to avoid in the future.
    Other than that I had a good time. I saw a few cows, a small spike, and a black bear. So in that sense it was a successful hunt!