Judge Bans Coyote hunting in NC to Protect Wolves

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    Federal Judge Boyle granted a temporary injunction to ban all coyote hunting in Dare, Tyrrell, Hyde, Beaufort, and Washington counties.

    Today, May 13, 2014 the Private Property rights of all NC citizens and the Landlords of the USFWS's Experimental, Non-essential Red Wolf program hit a new low.

    Judge Boyle's ruling affords the invasive coyote and hybrid coywolf more protection than the Experimental, Non-essential Red Wolf while 90% of the entire Red Wolf population resides on private land.

    You guys better jump in and help before it is too late. This program (Mexican Wolf is same program) and it's land grab are headed west and your wildlife is headed down the wolf's belly.

    The USFWS agreed and committed that the Red Wolf program would not negatively impact any legal activity on private land. Coyote hunting on private land is a legal activity. USFWS is now in violation of their very own Endangered Species Act. Remember, David Rabon, the USFWS Red Wolf Coordinator sat on the Board of the Red Wolf Coalition when this law suit to ban coyote hunting was brought against the NCWRC.

    The credibility of USFWS is gone and all future reintroduction efforts will pay the price.

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    RALEIGH, N.C.: US judge blocks coyote hunting near NC red wolves | Outdoors | NewsObserver.com
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    That's scary....