JP Enterprises PSC-11 upper and misc.

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    May 21, 2008
    i've decided to go a different direction. i traded this upper from a guy and it is brand new. however the guy used the bolt carrier group in another gun for approximately 100 rds (that's what he tells me).

    comes with:
    -PSC-11 upper this has left side charging handle that folds out of the way.
    -16" JP Supermatch Cryoed barrel 1/8 twist with compensator.
    -QD sling swivel adapter and a 3" Pic. accessory rail both of which can be configured the way you want.
    -Low Mass BCG in chrome
    -Low Mass Buffer (this is recommended to allow the BCG to function properly)
    -JP buffer spring which gets rid of the "twang" associated with most ARs.
    -Thermal Dissipator in black

    i understand i'd probably have a bigger audience on some AR specific sites but i'm already here so i thought i'd see if there's any interest.

    i can send pics on request to an email or phone #.

    asking $1,450 OBO (from JP you're looking at around $1,800)

    feel free to ask any questions; i've probably left something out

    will trade on:
    -optics (scopes or some 15x binos)
    -left hand rifles (i wish i could have traded this on that LH .338 edge a couple of weeks ago)
    -.223, .204 ammo