its what i got but is it worth using

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by neutral, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. neutral

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    May 8, 2010
    So i'm in the middle of some pretty extensive reloading and case prep and i find that i have a bunch of stuff that i've moved on from or jsut gave up on for what ever reason so im thinking of revisiting ghosts or reloading past and giving some a try

    i have
    1.5 lbs benchmark
    2lbs imr 4198
    1lb h4350

    i have 200 or so nosler 60gr btbt
    200 50gr varmnint grenades
    100 36gr varmint grenades ( not for my rifle)
    and some winchester(i think) 55 gr full metal jackets (also not mine)

    i have about 500 winchester brass ready to go(not crimped) and 500 crimped that are in the works. ie sizing and swaging etc

    also have couple thousand mill surp crimped brass. dont know what brand but all the same. They have some red on the bottoms( got em free so cant complain) can always decorate with them ;)
    im working on a load for a friends mini 14 target so if i could get a combo working out of these that would be awsome but if im wasting my time let me know

    i just finished loading up 80 shells with 23.5 gr benchmark full length sized all trimed and capped with federal primers. I 've already loaded 40 of the noslers at 2.32 wich is right at the lans on my rifle as the last time i shot these they were 2.26 and that was too much freebore i think.

    i forget one important thing
    stevens action beded in a boyds varmint thumbhole stock with a 26in mcgowen barrel 1-9 ss with .8 inch contour and target crown. I've tuned the trigger a bit and lightened it up a fair bit.
    stock bolt and and banner 6-18x50

    this thing shoots the heck out of any of the 68gr 69gr 75gr match bullets seated to 2.3 pushed by rl15 and cci match primers

    so thats why i want to use up what i got.

    my other friend also has a rem 700 varmint 1-12 so if you guys know of a sweet load for that with those i could do that too.

    i know there are a few topics here but all related so i hope its not too much

    the other thing i want to know is what are yalls experience with seating depth with those two bullets? nosler and vgs
  2. Nimrodmar10

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    Aug 21, 2011
    I'm just guessing here. Are you shooting a 223 Remington or 5.56 of some sort?

  3. neutral

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    May 8, 2010
    Ya sorry about that.

    its 223 rem.

    i just loaded some. Trying a bunch of stuff

    24gr rl15 with a 75amax out to 2.43. just touching the lans

    20gr imr 4198 60 gr nosler btbt out to 2.32. also snug
    did some benchmark dehind these as well same seat 23.5gr

    25gr rl15 behind 50 gr varmint grenade out to 2.2. because of the steep ogive on this bullet thats nice and close to the lans as well. I used the rl15 becaue alot of guys say that this bullet acts a lot more like a much heavier bullet due to its large contact area to the rifling so this is an experiment. not expecting much but i figured it was worth a shot. i think i did 15 of these.

    also have my tried and true loads in there so it should be a fun day out at the gopher field.