Its official...I'm hooked!

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Greywolf18, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Dec 18, 2008
    I finally got components in about a month ago to start reloading. I finally got some time and made my first ever bullets. I was doing the bullets for my .308 and made about 40 up and went to the range. Let me tell you, I normally don't wear safety glasses, but those first couple bullets I had them on lol I was cringing and praying "please don't blow up me or my gun", then it went off didn't blow up and I hit close to the target! After that it was just a lot of fun shooting bullets that I made. On the max charge (according to the Hornady Manual) out of the 4 bullets I shot, 3 were just over .5", with the 4th one it was about .8-.9 @ 100 (the 1st one was a fouler). Overall it brought a whole new enjoyment to shooting. Thanks to everyone on here for putting up with the million of newbie questions I asked! As the title says, I'm officially hooked on reloading now!
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    Congradulations on your success, your post reminded me of the time one of my friends had gotten into shotgun reloading he said he loaded up some 12 ga. Shells when he decided to shoot them, he said he opened the door on his reloading building out back with the shot gun in one hand and him safely behind the door, with the door closed as much as possible he let it go . I can only imagine how that would have looked :D

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    Yup, you're hooked:)

    Just think of how much money you can save by reloading thousands of rounds.:D