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    I just got my 700 SPS 300rum. But not sure how to break it in. I couldn't get the forum search to search for barrel break in procedure. After hours of flying threw threads I had to give may bloodshot eyes a brake. So I did a web search and found this on sniper country "". Now I found other documents that are agents the "one shot the clean" method. I have never herd of barrel break in be for. I don't want to start a debate on this. I just want to do the best for the gun.
    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Apr 20, 2007

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Even top competition shooters dissagree about barrel break in procedure and weather or not it's truly necessary. In my opinion the barrel will break in eventually weather or not you use a procedure, it's more a matter of how long you want to wait for the barrel to break in. I always clean between each shot for at least 15-20 rds, and then check for fouling every three to five shoots and clean as I see fit. Once the barrel is "broken in" you'll notice a dramatic reduction in fouling (or at least this has been my experience with it). I noticed that My Shilen broke in much faster than factory barrels. I hope I'm not jumping in too soon here (I'm new) I'm a member another long range shooting forum but this one seems to be right up my alley.
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    JP, I think I need to add a How To Search thread. The following is a SEARCH result I got by using quotes on either side of the phrase: "barrel breakin". Of course, this would be done in the ADVANCED SEARCH screen.

    barrel break-in

    Let me know if that is not enough information.
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    Barrel breakin


    If barrel breakin was not nessary for the over all performance
    then barrel makers like Lilja and shillen would not recomend
    that you do it.

    Like all other questions asked about brass,bullets,powder,
    calibre,make of weapon, action ,ETC. there will always be
    opposing sides to any question( this is good because it makes
    you think outside of the box ).

    And depending on what your trying to achieve breakin may
    not be nessary on a lapped stainless barrel (the lapping
    removes tool marks and improves/minimizes fouling.)

    I have seen barrels that took close to 100rds to finally shoot in
    that were not broke in first and they required lots of cleaning
    to remove fouling.

    The method that works for me is shoot 20rds cleaning between
    each round fired ( when you do this it requires less brushing and
    removes the carbon so the next round is fired in a clean bore
    reducing the amount of ware to the bore).

    And yes EVERY shot reduces barrel life but (I) believe that a clean
    cool barrel reduces ware increasing barrel life.

    So you be the judge as to whether you breakin or not.