Is a Farrell G-Force worth the exta weight?

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    Feb 22, 2010
    I am re-barreling a Remington 700 7mm mag to 300 Win Mag with a 26" standard profile barrel and a lightweight H&S Precision stock for a hunting rifle not a bench gun. As I get older I worry more about packing weight. I have used EGW rails before with good luck. On my Rem 700 Police in 300 RUM (weight was not a concern) I used a Farrell G-Force steel mount for the huge scope. Worked well. I cannot find the weight listed only shipping weight in the little 1" cardboard tube of 1-lb. With a Burris Six X 2--12x scope at 20 oz. is the extra mount weight worth it? I have both mounts on the shelf so triple the cost on the Farrell does not matter.