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    Evening all,

    I've just completed and posted for sale some very specialized software for us long range shooters on the Apple iTunes store. This has been written specifically for the iPad device. Although there are several packages out there that show ballistics for your load, this is the first to my knowledge that allows the mixing and matching of calibers, bullets, bases and SCOPES to help you plan your long range build. Please see the specs below (from my web site):

    "Terminal Velocity is THE ballistic component and optics selection package. Included is a stepped ballistic calculator, a vast library of cartridges, bullets and scopes which may be mixed and matched for your perfect rifle system. No other software package allows you to preview your cartridge and scope selections in ballistic detail. Let Terminal Velocity save you money and time!

    Terminal Velocity Features:

    ~ 1100+ cartridges to select from.
    ~ 2600+ different bullets all pre-selected by caliber.
    ~ 470+ scope models from 23 manufacturers.
    ~ Six different bases from Flat base to 30 degrees angled.
    ~ Zero range selectable from 100 to 500 yards in 50 yard increments.
    ~ Step by step selection mode for component and optics comparisons.
    ~ Quick Mode entry for generic or custom evaluations.
    ~ Stepped ballistic chart from 100 to 2000 yards in 100 yard increments.
    ~ Scope selections are rated depending on base selected/internal adjustment of scope.
    ~ Color bar chart comparing your selections:
    ~ Supersonic distance for your cartridge/bullet/velocity combination.
    ~ Scope Maximum Adjustment distance.
    ~ Estimated hunting maximum range for Elk (1250 fpe).
    ~ Estimated hunting maximum range for Deer (750 fpe).
    ~ Email capability for you charted results.
    ~ Energy Rankings for over 100 cartridges.
    ~ Momentum Rankings or over 100 cartridges.
    ~ Taylor Knock Out Rankings for over 100 cartridges.
    ~ Recoil Rankings for over 100 cartridges.
    ~ Automated WEB search for Cartridge, Bullets and Scopes."

    Basically this means you will have a VERY good idea how far you can shoot, as well as the "reach" of your scope before purchasing. All scope and bullets specs have been stored for you, so simply mix and match components until you have found the right rifle system for you. This has been tested on over 10 rifles with excellent results.

    At $12.99 this is not a "cheap" iPad application, however it is a very full featured app that will pay for itself several times over on your first rifle build. As with all iPad (and iPhone) apps you would need to purchase through the iTunes store. Simply search for "Terminal Velocity" in the store.

    Please see my web site at : http://www.terminalvelocity.biz. If the site is a bit slow I apologize, I need to have a chat with my service provider!

    I have been an active shooter for over 35 years, and have been programming professionally for 22.

    Questions or concerns please email me at longshot264@yahoo.com.

    Thank you for your time,


    To the webmaster: I was not sure where to post this as it is a "sale" item. If this is not in the correct forum please let me know and I will repost.