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  1. Jase

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Hello from N. Idaho. 61 yr old VN vet. I love shooting and developing loads. I am a long time range officer at a great range and have the opportunity to shoot everything and often. I am currently trying to figure out loads for a
    6.5 X .300 RUM in a R700 with 1:9, 30" Kreiger using 123, 130, 139, 140 and 142 SMKs, Scirroccos, Lapuas, Bergers and H A-Maxs. I have lots of Re-25, H1000 and US869. Any suggestions for starting loads?

    I have been planning a .408 or .416 or .338-.408 but read here Bruce Baers comments about problems and about virtues of .338 Lapua Ackley Imp. What are velocities for 250 and 300 SMKs and Lapuas? I took one of my .300 RUMs
    and simply run it in an off the shelf .338 RUM die and get a little over 3000fps, which is about 250 fps over normal .338 RUM whose case is .100" shorter than
    .300 RUM. Saves all that special die money, but if I can get a better round it
    would be worth it? Brass is easy to get. Where do you find .338 Lapua brass?
    I have been told the .338-.408 CT pushes the .300 SMK or Lapua to 3500fps.
    Anyone know if this is true? I agree with Matt about the scopes a Leupold on a tapered base will get the rounds out there, for much less money than any
    other brand or method.

    Thanks for letting me in here and listening. Looking forward to advice and help, Jase.
  2. Joel Russo

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    Jul 5, 2006
    In my experience in working with the .338-.408 improved case with the 300 gr bullets, accuracy and case life is best around the 3200 fps mark.

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Me Too!! Welcome. I hunt in Idaho sometimes.