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    Jul 26, 2005
    Has anyone had an encounter like this? I fouled my barrel for hunting with 175 SMKs. I received some Berger VLDs of various wieghts, and I decided to go ahead and do some testing with them. Every string of shots fired went perfectly horizontal in the groups.

    I read on where another shooter noticed a difference in POI when switching between SMKs and J4 jacketed bullets. I pulled some old targets, and the Nosler CCs did the same thing as far as the flat-line groups. I both cases, I had fired shots with AMAX of SMKs for practice before I fired the J4 bullets. Has anyone else had this happen? The article went on to say that after a thorough cleaning, the J4s shot great.

    I guess to be on the safe side, I can shoot the softer J4 bullets first and then shoot the SMK/AMAX with no ill effects. I want to do some more experiments on this before Sierra introduces their 210 SMK with a VLD profile so I can accurately compare it to the Berger 210 VLD. Regaurdless of the actual cause, I thought it an interesting observation.