Interesting find on Hornady 60 gn vmax

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  1. Hunter2678

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    May 2, 2012
    Seems that the .224 caliber 60gn Vmax's have a real life OD of .225 and its causing some significant issues for me to reload for my 22-250. Going off the O give of my sierra 55s and Nosler 55s Bal. tips I still wasn't able to easily get the 60 gn dummy roud out of my savage even after setting these vmax's 22 thousands shorter in the neck, brass is completely chamfered too....Do I need to keep seating it shorter? Any more and the profile of the bullet will look like a 40 gnr. The Sierra 55s and noslers are giving me an OD of .2235-.224 all day. Seems this chamber is cut right on the money for them. But the .225 OD is just too much and seems to be stretching my case neck making it hard to extract. Anyone else experiencing this? FWIW I talked to a newly aquired shooting buddy whose said that he's found weight variances on Hornady 223 bullets that varied from 78.6-82.3 gns recently. Seems the QC on these aren't up to reasonable standard perhaps..?

    Much appreciated.
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  2. JC Hedj

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    Apr 2, 2011
    Savage 26 In Fluted barrel 1 in 12 " twist...SLOWED Down to H 4895 powder and CCI 200 primers. C.O.A.L. 2.350 "
    5 shot group at 200 yds measured 9/13ths outer edge to outer edge
    Velocities (3637,3581,3573,3595,3622 fps )

    Professional Opinion : NO PROBLEM gun)
    Lets see if the photo attaches...May 14, 2012 60 gr VMAX _200 yds.jpg

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    Oct 31, 2009
    Good shooting JC,

    Hunter, The dozen that I just Mic'd were .2241-.2244, avg of 2242".

    Perhaps you got a big lot.? I'd bet if you call Hornady they'll give you the specs and probably even replace them for you. Might be worth a try.