Instructional books/dvd's for long range shooting?

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Hello my name is Jeff and I am new here. My screen name is rossman18.

    I am an avid hunter who has killed many big game animals. Many of them out to 500 yards. I reload alot and find my maximum load for every hunting rifle I own. I own many guns but my favorites are my .257 weatherby; .300 weatherby; .30-.378 weatherby and my .220 swift for small game.

    I am looking for some good books on real long range shooting out to 1000 yards. As of now I do not adjust my crosshairs using my turrets I just hold over according to my bullet drop. This keeps my from shooting farther.

    I am looking for suggestions on some good books and/or dvd's on long range shooting using adjustable turrets so I can shoot farther than 500 yards while hunting or at the range.

    Any help would be much appreciated--Rossman18
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    May 17, 2007

    That will get you started. I'm sure some of the others will post their favorites also.