inletting badger m4 vs m5

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    Dec 13, 2007
    so my original plan was to build a 7wsm on a rem 700 sa with badger m4 and wyatts extended box. i ordered a mcmillian a5 with this configuration. i have changed the project to a 308 win. i have my barrel done and shipped, and i called up mcmillian to see if it was too late to change the bottom metle inletting for the detachable badger magazines. they said the stock was ready to ship. so now the stock is inletted for m4 bottom metal, wyatts extended box for 7wsm. my question is 1, can m5 bottom metal still be inletted into the stock. 2, can i use normal length magazines, such as m5 bottom metal magazines with the stock inletted for wyatts. and also the stock is cut out for a wsm. does that mean the mag channel is too wide for a normal 308 magazine or mag box. i am aware that it will not fit as is, but will my gunsmith be able to make this all work maybe with glass bedding compound to fill in the sides of the magazine or mag box? or even if the m5 cant be used, can a regular 308 mag box with m4 bottom metal be used instead of the wsm extended mag box? i know its alot of question, hopefully yall understand what im asking. thanks alot.