Info on the Idaho State Sniper Challenge?

Discussion in 'Long Range Competition' started by TacticalHits, Apr 28, 2008.

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    I just was looking at the Idaho State Sniper Challenge website, but there is hardly any detailed info on it? Is this a true sniper Competition with Ghillie suits and mission type challenges or ? I am very interested in attending next year.:D Any detailed info you guys have would be great!

    Thanks Nathan,gun)
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    No, it is not a 'true' sniper type competition. I've only been to one match that had a 'sneek-n-peek' stage, and it was a huge friggin' time sink i.e. everybody standing around w/ their thumbs up... well, you get the idea. The long and the short of it is very few places have the facilities or the organization to really run a sneek-n-peek course in a reasonable manner. As such most tend to focus on the other skills besides concealment - marksmanship first and foremost, then shooting under some kind of induced stress such as tight time limits, uncomfortable or awkward positions (including weak side, barriers), multiple targets, no-shoot or hostage targets, and team stages where one shooter engages one set of targets, and the other engages another set, etc. Some might have basic compass use and/or land nav stage. I believe the ISSC is going to be held at Blacks Creek range again, which is a fairly 'flat' public range, so probably not too much of the more exotic sniper-fu stuff. You can still wear your ghillie... we won't laugh too much ;)

    The past ISSC matches are captured here for posterity:

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