Info for nightforce software and dell axim

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  1. JEREMY logan

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    I need info on dell axim and nightforce software . I would like to know how accurate it can be i'm also looking to buy a kestrel 3500 wind meter. Thanks for any info
  2. Broz

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    Feb 3, 2007
    I use a Dell Axim 50V , the NF program and a Kestrel 2500. I am very pleased. I practise often and feel very good about cold bore first shot hits. Yesterday it was a 12" rock at 841 yards. Longest shot on game to date was a small WT doe at 1137 yards with a 7 to 10 mph full value wind. I would say you are on the right track if you have the right rifle, scope and practise.

    Good luck!