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    north woods of Arkansas there are many that have little interchange with modern civilization .

    One such person is Grannie Bailey . ( her kin folk come from Okalahoma ) . Grannie was born and raised in the Ozarks . She had never been more than three miles form the bed she was born in .They had no , tv , newspapers , no contact with the outside world .

    One day a train filled with circus animals was passing through the hills where Grannie Bailey lives and it wrecked, causing the animals to be freed from their cages .

    The next day Grannie was washing dishes and as she looked out the kitchen window she was shocked at what she saw . Immediately she called the sheriff ............................yes grannie , what can I do for you ? the sheriff answered .

    Sheriff !! there is this big grey wrinkled beast with a tail on both ends out in my garden pulling up my cabbages with one of his tails !!!

    Well Grannie , what is he doing with them cabbages ?..................................
    Sheriff , you wouldn't believe me if I told you

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