Im starting a new Swaging Die Business - INPUT NEEDED!

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Hello everyone. I am starting a new bullet swaging die making business, and would like some feedback from this wonderful community. Im sure you all know, but if you dont. Swage dies are dies that you use in a reloading / swaging press that are used to make jacketed rifle bullets. The bullets made in these dies are easily more concentric, and consistent than their store bought counterparts. The reason that im starting this business, is that its something that im simply passionate about, and i happen to have some nice equipment. I got into long range shooting several years ago, and have had several very long shots on big game and coyotes alike. I became interested in bullet design shortly after getting into shooting those long distances.
    So, here is my inquiry for all of you serious reloaders out there. When i start this small business, what kind of dies would you guys purchase (not assuming that you will, but what kind would you buy if you were interested in doing so). I have CNC machines, that will be able to build die reamers with relative ease, so the dies will cost considerably less than say, corbin or an outfit like that. Im not sure what i will charge for a set of dies, but im thikning somewhere near the 350-400 range for a flat base die set.
    The dies that i planned on making would be .224 Using fired .22LR jackets, some Low drag .243's, low drag .257's, low drag .264's, low drag .284's, low drag .308's, and low drag .338s. I planned also on making dies to swage .458 paper patch bullets for those 45.70 shooters out there. Another neat idea may be some whisper bullets... not sure if people would buy them, but hes, its worth a shot. Whisper's are Round nose, boat tail bullets that are to be used in subsonic applications. Anyhow, if you guys get a free second, PLEASE leave me some feedback on what you would be most interested in. I have spent many many hours reading the wonderful stories on this website, so your input and interests will be a definite deciding factors in my decisions for this business in the near future. Let me know, and if there is some interest in my operation on this site, i will post my website (as soon as i finish programming) :rolleyes:

    Thanks agian, and look forward to hearing from you.