I'm in the middle of deciding on ammo.

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  1. bryceh12321

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    Mar 16, 2009
    I need some help deciding on ammo. I am thinking either Federal 180 Grain Soft Points, or Hornady 180 Grain SST's. Here's my question:

    Are the Hornady's really going to be THAT more accurate?? I was reading a thread somewhere and someone mentioned something about the soft points losing their shape.

    The Federals are almost half the price as the Hornady's and I don't really want to be spending a ridiculous amount on ammo, since I don't have my reloading setup yet.

  2. Michael Eichele

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    Jan 6, 2003
    I have tested several "soft nose" point bullets over the years and have had good success with them. I dont know if they loose their shape during the shot or in flight but they sure can fly good.

    Nylon tip bullets by comparison dont deform as easily in the magazine or in transport. This allows for more concistent shape and BC from bullet to bullet.

    Accuracy can depend on many things and can include how concistent the tip is. IMHO there are other factors that weigh more heavily on accuracy such as bullet design in its relationship to how it reacts to YOUR barrel and YOUR barrel's harmonics. Weight alone is NOT the only factor in the harmonics. Bullet construction, shape and material can effect this as well. For example, a 180 grain ballistic tip my shoot beutifully in your rifle but a 180 partition with the same charge and same distance off the lands may shoot horribly.

    My advice is buy a box of each and try them both. Let your rifle tell you what kind of food it likes.

    It helps when youre testing different loads to start with a very clean barrel. Foul at least twice, let cool and fire a group and so on. Once youre done testing that type and BEFORE you start on the next, clean the bore thouroughly and foul 2 or 3 times, let cool.................

    Hope that helps!