Illuminated Holdover Scope Help

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    Feb 22, 2010
    I need your help/experience to replace my seven Burris Illuminated (LRS) Ballistic Plex scopes. Of the seven scopes 4 are junk on custom sub-MOA rifles. One the reticle turned loose on a 308 and started rotating so I shot 20 more rounds so I would not have to argue with Burris on a replacement. It's a X now not crosshairs. The other 3 will not settle down and sight in they keep moving. On one the horizontal clicks are a 1/4" and the vertical clicks are at least 1 full inch. These are in custom rifles in fully lapped rings, fired from a bench in a lead sled and of the ones I've replaced to try with a known scope, they went back to 1/2 or so MOA so it's the scope not the rifle or mounts. One of them my gunsmith calls my "Noah's Ark Scope" because it shoots 2 x 2, two will be touching then it moves 1-1/2 - 2" then shoots 2 and moves and never settles down where you can sight it in, and that scope was the new replacement for the one that turned loose and rotated. I am looking for a resonable priced scope the Burris' ran from $279-399 and I have so many to replace please don't say a Mark 4 or something like that. I like the holdover lines or dots because of the few that work they are very close depending on your caliber and with a seperate range finder they are fast to shoot. And unless you are going to buy a Nightforce you cannot dial accurately and repeat, and then you have to worry about where you are and how much you dialed and in dim light you can't see the dial even if you wanted to take the time. I saw Nikon had hold over dots but I could not find an illuminated one. And since we night hog hunt alot I need illumination. I don't know what's happened to Burris in the last couple of years but with a 60% failure rate I'm done with them. Any help would be appreciated. Ken
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    May 21, 2008
    Nightforce leupold and ior have scopes that would work but they're pricey to replace that many. Might have to replace them in phases. I've got a NF 2-10 with the HV reticle that would work great for that application. Let me know if you're interested in working out some kind of trade for it.