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    This was forwarded to my dad who forwarded it to me.

    We need an 'adopt a wolf' program where environmentalist whackos living in the cities and suburbs can adopt a wolf. The wolf can live in their home alongside the family, children, dog and cat. Just think of the fun these kind, gentle forest wolves can have at the dog parks frolicking with their humans!

    Idaho Defies Wolf Management

    Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 2:00 am
    By JIM MANN/The Daily Inter Lake

    Idaho Gov. Butch Otter announced Monday that his state will no longer act as the federal government’s “designated agent” for wolf management.

    The Republican contends that wolves have been “devastating” deer, elk and moose populations and the state has a “sovereign right” to protect its big game populations.

    “Idahoans have suffered from this intolerable situation for too long, but starting today at least the state will no longer be complicit,” Otter wrote. “As you know, Idaho stands ready to manage wolves when the species is once again delisted. Until then, the state will not manage wolves as the designated agent of the federal government.

    “That means that Idaho Department of Fish and Game will not perform statewide monitoring for wolves, conduct investigations into illegal killings, provide state law enforcement in response to illegal takings or implement the livestock depredation response program.”

    Otter said he is instead directing Fish and Game to concentrate on protecting ungulate herds from wolves, using experienced volunteers to act as “special agents” in carrying out “control actions” in certain areas where wolf impacts on elk, in particular, have been documented.

    In a statement released Monday afternoon from Washington, D.C., a Department of Interior press secretary said sport hunting for wolves cannot legally resume, despite Idaho’s action.

    “In light of the federal court ruling, the wolf is again on the Endangered Species list and therefore we cannot currently authorize the resumption of sport hunting of wolves,” stated Kendra Barkoff. “Up to this point, we appreciate the states of Idaho and Montana who have been working responsibly to manage wolves; nonetheless, we must follow the court’s ruling.”

    It’s unclear what impact Idaho’s new policy towards wolves will have on Montana, which is currently pursuing a multi-pronged approach to restore a managed wolf hunt. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Director Joe Maurier and Carolyn Sime, the state’s wolf management coordinator, could not be reached for comment.

    Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg recently told the Inter Lake that in his conversations with Otter, the governor said his new approach toward wolves is similar to declaring Idaho a “sanctuary state.” That term is typically applied to cities and states that refuse to take on any role in enforcing federal immigration laws.

    Otter wrote another letter to Salazar in August stating the Idaho Fish and Game Commission had recommended that the state remain in a lead management role for wolves, and asking to negotiate a new memorandum of understanding for that to happen.

    But Otter warned that he would be seeking a “provision for public hunting” in the agreement, despite the ruling from U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy of Missoula earlier this year that restored Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Idaho and Montana, effectively ending managed wolf hunts in both states.

    Montana and Idaho both assumed lead management roles around 2006, using federal funding to carry out a variety of wolf-related duties. Otter noted that Idaho eagerly accepted its new role to show that the state could manage wolves in a manner similar to the way other predator species are managed.

    “We showed, during delisting, that we are responsible stewards of all our wildlife, including your wolves,” Otter states in his latest letter to Salazar. “Today I join many Idahoans in questioning whether there is any benefit to being a designated agent without the flexibility of a public hunt, which has been denied.”

    Otter concluded by saying he is “committed to finding a path forward for delisting” wolves and restoring the state’s authority to manage the species.

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    Gotcher pm. Don't see any problem.....

    It's pretty nifty here. Learn'd that there is zero tolerance for some of the stuff I do.:D

    I see a woof in my future. However distant.

    You gotta love Idaho. The most Republican State in the Union. And not so well publicized, most conservative.:) (Except for a few areas!)

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    Ya, weird. I hit the submit button, and my post dissappeared into computer land, and a message came up, and said it would post if approved. I checked back a while later and figured it didnt meet the criteria, then all the sudden it was there, and so was your reply. Weird..... but cool!!:D That must mean I understood the rules for posting here correctly :D. hot dang!

    Anyhow WAY TO GO IDAHO!!!!! Mr Otter, may every other wolf ridden state follow suit, and thanks for having the stones to step up. Much appreciated sir!! The hunting public and the ranchers, and the elk thank you whole heartedly.
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    Hope MT has the balls to deffinately follow suit. Hey roy, don't you mean "I see woof in my future at what ever distance"