Idaho finalizes Muzzleloader Definition

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    In light of my recent post on the debate in Idaho and how the Fish & Game department defines "muzzleloading" and it's effect on hunters & game management, I thought I would post the results of their recent decision. Though it doesn't explicitly say it in the press release, I also have to assume scopes are still not allowed--open sights only. In all honesty, it doesn't seem to me that they changed too much other than the fact the cap and hammer doesn't have to be mounted on the side.

    There were some great responses to the last thread on this topic so if anybody has any other thoughts one way or another, feel free to share them.

    ---almost forgot to mention, this rule applies to the muzzleloader only seasons, if you're unsing a ML during a rifle season, you can use a scope, sabots, etc. . .

    Jan. 17, 2008
    commission changes muzzleloader rule

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission Thursday, January 16, dropped the requirement for an external pivoting hammer from the rules on muzzleloader-only seasons.

    In January 2007, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission adopted new equipment rules for muzzleloader-only hunts.

    Nearly 4,000 hunters commented during 2006 on the original proposals with roughly equal numbers supporting and opposing the proposed rule changes. While many traditional muzzleloader hunters support the new rules, many others, including modern muzzleloader hunters, did not.

    The most controversial rule change was been the requirement for a pivoting hammer, functionally prohibiting the use of many in-line muzzleloaders in muzzleloader-only hunts. Additionally, the pivoting hammer requirement has been confusing to many hunters, generating numerous requests to Fish and Game to clarify whether individual muzzleloaders are legal to use.

    In-line muzzleloaders have no ballistic, or overall range, advantage over "side-lock" muzzleloaders.

    Thursday's action allows most in-line muzzleloaders back into muzzleloader-only hunts.

    Other rules for muzzleloaders, including the requirements for loose power, exposed percussion cap ignition, all-lead (no sabots) bullets, remain in effect.
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