I think my Barrel is done for

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    Dec 26, 2009
    I have a tikka 25-06 that has always been a 1/4-1/2" gun. after several thousand rounds I decided it had been a while since I last shot it on paper. big mistake! 2" group! I have tried everything. retorqued rings made sure they were on tight and the alignment bars still line up. cleaned the crap out of it and looked in it with a bore scope, the throat is quite a bit longer than it used to be. However I am still able to seat the bullet out far enough to still touch the lans. so I seated my barnes tsx back where they were before the throat erosion, 2" i tried it right on the lans 2" tried way off the lans...2" tried accubonds..2" took it apart retorqued and re seated against the aluminum recoil lug (which does show wear) I tried a different scope... im out of ideas. I was thinking about trying some tubbs throat maintenance bullets out of desperation.... does anyone else have any ideas that I could try?this rifle has a little over 1500 rounds down it. worst case scenario im gonna rebarrel it. but i want to make sure its truly shot out before i tear it apart. its been an amazingly reliable and accurate rifle for the $500 i spent on it.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    you've covered the main issues

    sounds like you've spent more on ammo than you did on the rifle

    you might consider a re-crown and set it back 1/2-1" depending on available tenon.

    I would cut my losses and consider it an opportunity

    -- richard