i should have kept that one

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  1. cranky1

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    Jan 28, 2009
    well, what is the one that you should have kept? the one that made all the memories for you? that 3030 that grampaw gave you, you know the one that killed 300 deer, and that you couldnt hit anything with. or the one that you got with your own hard earned cash, because nobody gave you one.? mine was a L61 sako in 300 win mag. it served me so well for the next 20 years that it got the name " blood and thunder" took at least 20 moose and many bears with that rifle. a few deer and a couple of cariboo. the favorite fore sure.during this time there were a few " interlopers" into the sceme of things. to wit, pre 64 375 h&h. a fine and classic piece. and too much gun for shooter and moose. and at the end of the 300 win love affair, a , and get this, 358 win that i built on a 600 remington. well that 6 lb rifle accounted for 11 moose and 3 bears and a cople or cariboo too. but , was i happy, ,no, i had to go to a lot of other stuff. it is hard to be a gun nut.alass,i am now getting old. and i have not found that perfect rifle. i fear that i will never find it. what shall i doo?? so , ok i got a really nice number 1 ruger in 9.3x74R. jeez, this has got to be the ultimate big bore that i will ever need, and it shoots good. and the new number 1a in 7x57 will be good for any thing else. good lord, maybe i need to re-barrel that husky too 7x57. oooh where am i going to go next??"? well. there it is, you get old and it doesn't get any better. so have you guys got any guns that you wish you had never sold?
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    Jan 30, 2005
    Yes, ALL of them!!!!

  3. Mikecr

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    Aug 10, 2003
    A one of a kind Benelli Super Black Eagle, upgraded with M1 pistol grip stock, mag extension, and converted to button selectable SAFE-SEMI-2SHT BURST modes.
    Sold it due to a stupid crime bill/assault weapon ban..
    Wish I had kept it, even if never legally used.
  4. 7mmSendaro

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    Feb 9, 2007
  5. comfisherman

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    May 2, 2007
    Ruger 96/22/17 switch barrel

    I built it when the 17 hmr first came out, It was a 22mag 17hmr switch barrel that really shot nicely. Its probably the only real shooter that I ever sold, and the only rifle I ever really missed.

    If I ever find another 96 action I have some parts laying around to make another, but alas its low on the priority list.

    An interesting thread would be the rifles sold that you do not miss, that could be fairly interesting.