I located some RUM Brass

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    I am in the process of putting together a high performance 28" 300 RUM for shooting the 210 and 220 grain high BC HATS and the 338/300 RUM with a 28" to shoot the 265 grain high BC HAT bullets we are testing and hunting with.

    We are trying to put together the ultimate magnum bolt face rifle by just using the magnum sized bolt face that is common to more folks than say the Cheytac or the Lapua sized cases..... We will be conducting testing to see which one will be the best performer in all the catagories of accuracy, drift, drop and kinetic energy. Anyway, when I decided to order some brass for the project, I noticed how scarce it was and decided to try and bird dog some. Here is what I have found:

    Graf and Sons----- 338 RUM brass in stock

    Lock Stock and Barrel-----300 RUM brass in stock

    To be honest, I must say that I got all the 375 RUM brass that Grafs had..... Sorry.

    Hopefully this helps some folks who need some..