I have a problem with an American company who owes money and won't answer the phone..

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    Jun 25, 2003
    I have been asked to mediate with an American company, Tactical Precision Systems, TPS, after an Italian importer made an order for $5,642.95 worth of product, (paid for in full in advance) on the 1st of April this year, but has not recieved thier stuff. They have written in the vicinity of 40 emails and 20 faxes but have not recieved any replies, and they (TPS) rarely answer their phone. I was able to speak to them once, and was assured that I would be called back by Mr. Williams, but never was. I later found that the person I spoke with was already well aware an involved with the order in question. It is very difficult to deal with an overseas company in any case, much more so one that refuses to cominucate with it's customers.
    Of that order TPS has sent one shippment amounting to $2413,25, but offers no explanation regarding the tardiness of the rest of the shippment, and has given a few dates as maybes that have passed without any aterial being sent.

    The way they have treated this company is just deplorable, and I think it should be made public record, I would also like to know what action they can take to get their money back from TPS for the part of the order htey never recieved.

    What can I do?
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    Dec 8, 2006
    Better Business Bureau?

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    The BBB,lol. On that large of an order they should have called and spoke to someone and confirmed lead time. As it has been mentioned before, i believe it is standard practice on non custom items they cannot charge for the items until they are shipped. If they will not answer or respond I guess you sue.
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    Talk discretely with their European Reps

    Ask them how to best get in contact with the company. I wouldn't go on the offensive, but just quietly, calmly ask a few questions:


    15, route de Meaux

    Le Bois-Fleuri


    Tel.: 01 60 26 13 07 du lundi au renredi

    FAX.: 01 60 26 14 77

    Tel.: (33) 160261307 (international)

    FAX.: (33) 160261477 (international)