I bumped into some more ahh good stuff.

Discussion in 'Trade, Freebie and Loan' started by Dave King, Dec 15, 2007.

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    May 3, 2001
    I made the mistake of going (more like an attempt) into my basement closet (my basement is dry, no water leaks thanks for asking). Before I could get out of it (I didn't find what I was looking for) some stuff stuck to me... bullets.

    I'll try to get some pictures up in a day or two but these will be trade items (trade for something of equal weight so we have equal shipping costs).

    These bullets are North America continent only items (they're heavy).

    I will not ship any of these until I get all the packages out from the last batch of stuff I posted, probably another week.

    Each item will once again have its own thread.

    Oh, and I found another knife but Wild Bill gets his first right of refusal on it.