Hybrind 100 - 243 100gr Workup

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Well it's been quite a while since I had the opportunity to sit behind a press on a weekend but that's what I ended up doing this past one. Some of you might remember ol Tim and me from a while back, some might not. Well we're still around, and still shooting, just not quite as much as before.

    So anyhoo, I headed up to his place this past Saturday with a back seat full of loading junk. Got there around 8"ish and he already had a table and the chrono set up working on a few loads for his 41mag. It only took an hour or so till we got it dialed in then set up things out to 100yds for the little Sako .243 I had brought with me. Since I have a thing for the old Nosler Solid Base bullets, I had several boxes of 100gr'ers on hand and was hoping to hit a good hunting load in the 2800 - 3000fps range.

    I haven't tried the Hybrid 100 up until now, but from what I had read it seemed like one worth trying. So I measured up from start to max loads using my Uniflow to throw charges and recorded the settings. After loading 10 rounds I was off to the races shooting somewhat of a ladder. What I found was that the powder throws very accurately through the Uniflow, and that velocity increases were right with published data for the combo I was shooting.

    The end result was a cluster of 5 shots under 1" with three of them going under 3/8". The load I settled on was running right around 3088 fps for 5 shots with a SD of 24.74 fps. I attempted to run a quick drop test Sunday before heading home but something was amuk in the shots I measured, as they were not even close to what they should be. This being said, if they do indeed repeat I will be completely thrilled as they were much less than what should have been expected.

    The topping on the cake came as we were picking things up for the night, and a small pack of feral hogs made their way out across the adjacent pasture. Having several of the final loads sitting in the loading block, I grabbed up a few and headed out the other end of the barn with the rifle and a front sand bag. Hoping to get off a prone shot, I found a small dip in the terrain just too much to over come so I had to make due from the side of Tim's truck bed. Overall it was pretty stable once I got the bag layin across the tailgate and part of the corner. I settled the cross hair of the scope right about center of the eye and era on one of the bigger ones for a lead, and just below the top of the back for elevation, and touched the first round off. The resounding whop signified a solid hit and they all broke into a dead run. I chambered another round and got on another one, and shot just behind it as they made their way hastily into the woods. The first one only made it around thirty or so yards before piling up, and upon closer inspection we found it entered through the onside leg and shoulder breaking it, and exited through the off side shoulder leaving close to a 3/4" hole. A quick check back to the barn with the laser was just over 325yds. What a nice beginning for a load and sort of new to me rifle, with many more similar experiences hopefully to come.

    IF you have access to some of this powder it seems to be fairly easy to work with so far. I have more loads to try in other calibers, and hopefully it will prove itself with them as well. It meters great, shows little signs of residue on cases and cleans up much quicker than others I have used. This was but one outing with it but already I am looking forward to other outings with it in the not so distant future. If you have some, and have worked with it please post up your results as well as your data.