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  1. Grunt

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    Mar 6, 2009
    Hello all im in the market for new hunting clothing the tempature range goes from 32F to -4F the clothing will be used on my blackbear(Stand)whitetail(Stand/Walk) And Moose(Walk) hunts this comming fall I am looking for quality gear this time tired of walmart specials I was thinking I would like GoreTex any help in making a decision would be very helpful
    thank you
  2. Dskiper

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    Jan 12, 2008
    Hi guy! It's been my experience(50yrs) that you can't beat wool.For cool to cold weather good woolen clothing provides warmth even when wet.Filson brand is 100%virgin wool which has natural oils that repel light moisture. For spot stalk I use their wool whipcord pants.For sitting or late season try the mackinaw pants or bibs.The secret is your underwear.Use different weight long johns according to temps and activity. My speech!

  3. Buffalobob

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Layering, fabric and a good back pack are the secrets.

    I have a Browning Goretex parka that is two sizes too large and is just right. Goretex is noisy. Great freedom of movement, and large enough to go over a lot of layers. Pockets are waterproof. It can be used as a windbreaker. I have some cheap Cabelas waterproof pull over pants that I seldom use but they can be rolled up real small and stashed in the backpack.

    A good fitting watch hat to keep head heat loss down is needed.

    The secret to life is underwear and sox. Plus good boots!!!!

    For underwear I have three or four pairs of synthetic moisture wicking in silk weight and then one pair of medium weight and then a pair of expedition wieght. I have gotten to where I like the loose non fitted ankle being as I am using sox and boots I do not need the constriction at the ankles from the underwear. I layer the underwear both tops and bottoms with different weights to build up to a comfort level.

    Sox is the same. I will use a synthetic liner sock and then a heavier synthetic sock over it. No cotton sox allowed.

    Outer pants is usually cotton because it is hard to find anything else. I use an army field jacket with liner for a coat. It is also at least one size too big so it will layer well and allow freedom of movement. My goretex parka will fit over it if need be. I often use the liner and the Goretex parka. Or I will use a heavy large shirt and have the liner underneath. The liner is the best part of the jacket.

    I am not a wool person so the people who like it are welcome to it except the Fox River Wool Glomitts are the absolute best hunting glove I have ever used.

    The "good" backpack is to carry all of your clothes while you are hiking around and then when you decide to set up somewhere you pull them out and put them on as needed. When it is time to go again peel off layers and stuff them in the backpack.
  4. RockyMtnMT

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    Mar 25, 2007
    When the weather is good, layered cotton. When the weather is bad, wool. Always carry a rain coat. Good long underwear. Very good boots. Wool hat, and extra gloves. I dress and carry enough clothing that if needed I can stay the night out.

  5. grinnergetter

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    Nov 21, 2007
    Honestly , I dont think you can do all of those conditions with one set. I ve switched to Sitka gear and it is great down to 25 deg. lower if your walking but your gonna need an extra layer for stand hunting in 4 deg.

    For the cold I agree with layering suggestions as mentioned but I add Cabela
    Dy Plus insulated over the top and am GTG for 4-5 hour sits.

    I tend to overdo the clothing as the old body cant take that much anymore and this is just my opinion.