Hunting boots Rubber vs. Goretex/leather

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    Aug 10, 2012
    Hey guys,
    Hoping to get some feedback on hunting books. Currently own cabelas brand 1200gram boots which are a goretex leather combo. I like them but they are starting to get a bit old and worn so I will be purchasing some new boots. So I would like to hear opinions. I do not do a lot of walking. Mostly hunt at the edge of a field or in a tree stand. Getting to those stands we use vehicles and then have to walk a 100 yards or so which isnt much. My needs are mostly for warmth and scent control. I live in New york by the way so winter's can be pretty cold for rifle season. I have heard many good and bad things about rubber boots like mucks and lacrosse alphaburly but also about goretex type boots like what I currently have.
    Some say rubber boots are best scent control but I have seen many people say their rubber boots start to smell bad after awhile since their feet sweat so badly in them do to lack of breathability. Some would argue that the fact the goretex type boots CAN breath means they are releasing your scent which also is a bad thing. Some have commented that the rubber boots get cold...but if you have a 1200 gram rubber boot why wouldnt it be as warm as a 1200 gram goretex boot? Any insight or help would be appreciated. My budget is between 100-200 dollars. Obviously cheap is a plus but if I am at the top of my range that is fine as well.