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    Apr 27, 2005
    Hunt area 80 opened a few weeks ago for bow hunters, and today for rifle hunters. I live in the area and have been scouting for some time now. I was really suprized to see the lack of numbers of antelope, only seeing 3 fawns total while scouting. I have hunted this area and watched it close for the last few years and wonder what happened to the population. I killed a average buck this morning, and have seen probably 15 to 20 bucks total and none of which are much above average, I really question the G&F on the number of tags allowed in this area and additional doe fawn tags as well. I saw only 1 other hunter out this morning, he killed a buck similar to mine. I have additional doe fawn tags for another area but it does not open till Nov1, so some time to wait. Ron Tilley