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    May 14, 2013
    I found you guys looking for info on the Hot Tamale made by James Ferguson. One thing led to another and I was looking up all sorts of stuff. This is a great site! A little bit about me: For 18 years I ran a hunting and fishing show in various venues around Texas. Sold out in 1996. I've hand loaded for longer than I can remember and really enjoy taking a new rifle or a new bullet and seeing what I can do with it. Right now I'm working on a Weatherby .257 shooting bullets from GS Custom bullets (originally from South Africa but now have a plant in US). Right now I'm at about 3700 fps and it's grouping anywhere from 3/4" to about 1". Would like to get it down to 1/2" or less. I've only got 6 rifles, which is nothing to you guys but it's plenty for me (for now). I'm looking forward to learning a bunch from you 'all!