How well does a 300WSM work in a short barrel?

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  1. HHI 812

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    Feb 17, 2008
    Have a NIB 300WSM Striker, and trying to decide if I should keep it? Been told a 300 WSM won't be any better than a 308 Win, because of my short barrel? I'll be getting a lot of unburned powder, and I can get the same ballistics with a standard 308 Win, using less powder. Anyone have both with same barrel lengths and can tell me if there is a difference? I do believe my barrel is a 14", with factory brake, so leaves me with a 12" barrel. If I do put on a longer barrel with no brake, how much difference will the 2" really make? Tight on budget, so if it will work as is, would prefer it that way and save funds for reloading components.
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  2. hshunter

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    Feb 8, 2006
    I have both,308 and 300 WSM. both are HS Precisions, 15" barrels + brakes,
    overall 17 "
    The velocity in the 308 is 2675 FPS, 165 gr BT
    The velocity in the 300 WSM is 2830 FPS, 165 gr BT.
    in order to get the maximum use out of the 300 WSM a 15" or greater barrel is needed.
    here is a pic of my 300 WSM


  3. ol mike

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    Aug 21, 2005
    That is one knarly little shooting table !!!----Good job !

    You'd probably get better performance w/ the wsm w/ the heavier bullets.
    A big 208 amax or 210 berger comes to mind- it should outperform the 308 by a good bit.

    I definately keep that 300 wsm striker !