How to unsubscribe to email notification for a specific thread

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    If you have subscribed to receive email notification to a thread and don't want to receive any for that particular thread you can do the following.

    Click on "Quick Links" at the right in the bar towards the top of the page. When the window of choices opens up, click on "Subscribed Threads".

    This is what you will see although the threads in your case will be different.

    To unsubscribe from this particular thread click in the little box to the very right side


    Then scroll to the bottom of the page and in the box where it says "Selected Threads" click on it, scroll to "Delete Subscription" click on it and then click "Go" This is what you will see.


    Then if you scroll back to the top of the list you will see the thread that you just deleted the subscription to is no longer in the list and you won't receive email notifications about that thread anymore.
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    Great tip ss7mm!! I was about to filter out ALL the email notification from LRH.