How to make your own legal exploding targets! "tannerite"

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    How to make your own legal exploding targets! \"tannerite\"

    paypal 10$ subject "exploding targets"
    Dont have a paypal account?
    you can still pay with a CC and not have a account threw them. There is a link at the bottom of my 50bmg site

    here are 2 samples i made up.
    both hit with a .223 FMJ from a 16" AR

    i posted it to save some people who use alot to save some money

    the PDF has full instructions along with how to find what you need both local and if you cant find it local, where to get it on line.

    im thinking my time and work i put into getting all the info together and proper way to make it and testing it is worth a few bucks..
    if you think making these at about a buck a pound over 10 a pound is worth it to you, paypal me 10$ and ill send you the PDF i put together with all the info and links.

    EDIT: as a bonus, im thowing in copys of the US Mil. TM31-210-Improvised Munitions Handbook and the TM 9 1300 214 Military Explosives book

    these 2 PDF's alone are worth the 10$

    i also include the ATF link that shows its legal to own and use..

    print it right from the ATF and keep a copy on you..