How to get accuuracy this is how I did it

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    Jul 23, 2006
    I tryed a lot of things that did not work this is what did Tubb's final finsh I ran it through 3 30-06's the first one shot 10 and cleaned out copper like instructions. results fair. Second one cleaned after every 3 shots to keep from laping copper results very good and the third a 700 rem. I shot 2 decopperd and ran a bore mop through with moly bore paste on it one dry patch to get it off the high spots and leave the low protected from laping the results sub 1" grops at 200yds. I allso added a Tubb's speed lock fireing pin I can't see how it would make a differance but it did. what worked best for geting the copper out and I think I tryed em all I realy liked the results I got with Outers foming bore cleaner if You dont mind waiting 30 minutes for it to work it usely took 3 application's. After #9,BB,and Sweet's it dawned on Me whats doing the work Ammonia! for 99 cents You can by a bottle at the grocery store. So get a bottle I have a small power aide bottle that I cleaned out and pored it half full of ammonia took the bolt out of My 700 stuck the muzzel in the Ammonia stuck a bore mop down in from the chamber end and worked it up and down this is the way to get copper out fast. After that I treated it with patches soked with Kroil and one dry one.