Holland HV Laminated Stock and Badger Ord. Rings

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    I have decided to restock the Tomahawk with a McMillan A2 and keep it. I will sell the Holland Laminated stock with a 1.250" straight barrel channel and pillar bedded with Holland's proprietary pillar system for a M700 LA for $250 shipped. This stock sells for $379 from Holland. The bedding and pillar installation has already been done and is set up as a blind box, ADL style repeater, or single shot, with a Davidson follower.
    I also have a gently used set of Badger Ordnance Medium High 30mm rings for sale. The work well with a 50 or 56 mm obj. scope and fit a Weaver or Picatinney style base.The rings are $100 shipped.
    I will take $325 shipped for both items...

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    May 7, 2001

    You have mail.

    I'll take the 30 mm Badgers if you still have them.


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    Rings go to Darryl--Stock is also sold PF... CJ

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