Holland 700 Lug Pinning Fixture, Badger Lug Alignment Tool, Brownells Lathe Spider

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  1. fireball168

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    May 17, 2007
    This fixture sets your Remington 700(or clone), short or long action up in a V-block for modification. While it is intended primarily for pinning a recoil lug in place(if you get a Holland Recoil Lug and use it as a guide, you can drill ANY recoil lug with this fixture - even factory ones at the same time you're drilling your receiver), it also makes for short work of redrilling and tapping the scope base holes, recontouring the action, etc. when setting it up in your milling vise. $120 shipped to the first 48.

    Badger 700 recoil lug alignment tool, $30 shipped to the first 48.

    Brownells discontinued, new and unopened Steady Rest Spider, this fixture prevents damage to barrel from steady rest or whatever else you are spinning. Or use it as a basis for a headstock spider on your lathe. $100 shipped to the first 48.

    PayPal or USPS money orders only.

  2. rollie

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    Feb 11, 2008
    I'm interested in your Holland fixture. Do you still have it? Is it new? Do you have the drill bit with it? This is the first time I've posted, I'm not really sure how all this works, but I'm interested in purchasing your fixture. You can email me to get my phone number. Thanks Rollie