holes in paper ?

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    Dec 24, 2007
    couldnt find a better name . what do you all think .06 50Y yes it is only 50Y but the ? I got is the temp was -10 the group was hole on top of hole the rifle was unbeded now is beded do U all think it did so good from the temp or close range?

  2. roundss

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    Feb 12, 2008
    I'm going to be heading out to the range to test some loads today and although the temp is not nearly as cold as what you have I will be doing some shooting at close range. From my ballistics chart I should be low out of the muzzle (because of the scope height adjustment) then back up to zero somewhere around 45 yards. Then back on at 200.

    I would think the reason for the tight group is the distance because you can dial in and the bull looks HUGE. I don't shoot much (thank goodness) in real cold weather so I don't know how the temp factors in at short range. I would lean towards the scope cranked up to 18 helping the shooter. I'm not sure how tight you were dialed in but I can tell you at 50 yards I'd have that pulled right in and if I can take the biggest variable out of the equation "ME", or at least minimize my effect on punching paper the holes get alot closer.

    I've been wrong before, not yet today but it is early :D. That might be changing real quick.