Hogs in the spring

Discussion in 'South' started by J E Custom, May 21, 2008.

  1. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    I just posted a thread on the problem we have with hogs in TEXAS
    in the forum called HOGs and then remembered getting caught with
    a very small rifle and a bunch of hogs at the same time.

    While hunting turkeys near Llano late in the season I started carrying
    a 17 HMR custom with me to the blind because the turkeys were starting
    to get wary and holding up at 70 or 80yrds and would not come any closer
    so the little 17 was there to cure this problem.

    And on this day the turkeys were talking and things looked very good
    untill these d@%m hogs showed up and ran all of the turkeys off.

    What to do,What to do? Well I certainly wasn't going to let the hogs get
    away with running my turkeys off so I watched for a while and decided
    to go for the ring leader ( A boar that weighed about 200 lbs ) .

    But where do you shoot a large pig with a 17 HMR ? I decided to try a
    shot in the eye or the ear.

    After getting a good rest and takeing a deep breath I kicked the side of
    the blind to stop him from moving and he looked stright at me.

    The little 17 barked and the rodeo began. He jumped, squealed,flounced,
    Ran into a tree,scooted, snapped his jaws and craped all over the place
    before finally giving it up.

    So after a few minutes I decided to go and check him out with shotgun
    in hand (Just in case ) And after making sure he was dead I looked to see
    where the shot had gone. It had entered the left eye and had not came
    out of his head .(that had to hurt ) The range was 87 yards and the bullet
    entered in the front part of the eye near the tear duct, ending his career
    as a pain in the ass.

    Even though the little bullet didn't exit it kicked his butt.

    Let's see, A 17gr bullet to take a 200lb Hog ,Hmmm not the best choice but it
    was fun.

  2. Len Backus

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    May 2, 2001
    Good shooting and a neat adventure!

  3. HRstretch

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    Jan 30, 2007
    We have a guy that hunts pigs at the lease with a 22 mag. he has brought back many of pork chops with that rifle. I would think an ear or eye shot with the 17 would and did do just fine. A 223 or 22-250 may be a better choice but hey you got to work with the tools you got.

    Good shooting.