Hodgdon US869 Load Data is available

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    Hodgdon US869 Load Data is available in the Hodgdon's 2006 Annual Manual. If you have not seen this publication it is a load manual published in magazine format that cost's $8. Has load data for Hodgdon’s powders in all popular cartridges including the WSSM, WSM, RSAUM, and RUMs. It is a yearly publication that is much cheaper than the various reloading books by the bullet manufacturers. It does not however have cartridge history information or specific bullet data such as ballistic coefficients like the load manuals from bullet manufacturers.

    US869 is listed before H50BMG in the “Extreme Powders” section where they describe the different Hodgdon powders (in order of approximate burning rate). But the load data that is published for US869 looks to be several grains slower than H50BMG for several large cased cartridges (7MM RUM/300RUM for example).

    There is also a short interesting article on "Case Preparation for Extreme Accuracy" in the front of the publication and pistol and shotshell load data in the back.
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    Here's the web version"