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    Dec 27, 2006
    Hillary Clinton said that her childhood dream was
    > to be an Olympic athlete. But she was not athletic
    > enough. She said she wanted to be an astronaut, but
    > at the time they didn't take women. She said she
    > wanted to go into medicine, but hospitals made her
    > woozy. Should she be telling people this story? I
    > mean she's basically saying she wants to be
    > president because she can't do anything else." --Jay
    > Leno
    > "Well, the big story -- Hillary Clinton will be
    > running for president in 2008. You know why I think
    > she's running? I think she finally wants to see what
    > it's like to sleep in the president's bed." --Jay
    > Leno
    > "Top Democrats have mixed feelings about Sen.
    > Hillary Clinton running for president. Apparently,
    > some Democrats don't like the idea, while others
    > hate it." --Conan O'Brien>
    > "In a fiery speech this weekend, Hillary Clinton> wondered why President Bush can't find the tallest
    > man in Afghanistan. Probably for the same reason she
    > couldn't find the fattest intern under the desk."
    > --Jay Leno>
    > "Former President Bill Clinton said that if his
    > wife, Hillary, is elected president, he will do
    > whatever she wants. You know Bill Clinton -- when he
    > makes a vow to Hillary, you can take that to the
    > bank."--Jay Leno=20
    > "Did you know Bill and Hillary Clinton were born
    > under the same sign? Know what sign? 'For Sale.'"
    > -Jay Leno>
    > "A student from the University of Washington has
    > sold his soul on eBay for $400. He's a law student,
    > so he probably doesn't need it, but still, that's
    > not very much. Today, Hillary Clinton said, 'Hey, at
    > least I got some furniture and a Senate seat for
    > mine." -Jay Leno>
    > "Hillary Clinton said today that she wants
    > legislation to allow all ex-felons to vote. See,
    > this way all the Clinton's former business partners
    > can vote for her in 2008." --Jay Leno
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    hahaah, love that, thanks

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    Good stuff!