High Cholesterol ???? Part 3a

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Perhaps some people believe because I make lot of funnies that I am just a laid back happy go lucky kind of guy.

    I usually mention in my stories that I checked my rifleā€™s dial in before hunting. Perhaps people do not understand the importance of this simple statement.

    After driving nearly 3000 miles with the rifle in a hard case in the back of my pickup and part of those miles being on dirt roads, two tracks and some times just off through the Wyoming sage brush is a wonder a rifle will hit anything anymore.

    So here I am in Salmon Idaho ready to hunt bears (very tiny small black ones I hope). I have decided to use the F-class rifle, a Rem 40X single shot in 308 with 175 SMKs built by Clay Spencer. I got the rifle out and the first thing I notice is that the NF elevation dial is near the top and setting on ā€œ6ā€. Well, I know the last time I fired the rifle was at Quantico at the 1000 yard line and the drop is 36. This is a clue that my feeble brain did not remember to reset to zero after firing. I look at the windage and it is 2.0 which is about right for Quantico. I spun the elevation dial back down 36 MOA and leave the windage dial alone.

    A target to confirm zero does not have to be fancy. I just use what ever I have handy: a coke can, a coke carton or in this case a box of Quaker oatmeal place on a stick stuck sideways in a bank.

    I shot three 2 shot groups of the hood of my truck. The first was with the Quantico windage left in and then an adjustment of 2.0 MOA and finally an adjustment of 0.75 MOA.

    Now then, the oil is burned out of my barrel from having cleaned it before I left home and the scope or point of impact has moved 0.75 MOA. I have preloaded my PDA with the 308 data so when it turns on I get my drop chart as Shawn Carlock suggests you do and I am ready to go hunting. I will do the same thing with the 7mm Allen Mag before I use it.

    This exercise takes perhaps 15-20 minutes and is just basic to long range hunting if you travel any distance from home. If you go back to my antelope stories you will see that when I miss, I recheck my rifle to insure that I know whether it is the rifle or me that is malfunctioning.

    Some people like Maple and Brown Sugar but I prefer Raisins and Spice.

  2. Len Backus

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    May 2, 2001
    What are you thinking? I only eat Maple and Brown Sugar. Seriously.

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    May 3, 2001

    Hope things are well and you haven't shot up all your food, thanks for the delightful little articles.

    The Change of Command was 05 Oct 07 and I still have an office to myself. Maybe next year I'll get to tag along on a portion of your jaunt.

    Although I like the raisin version of oatmeal it gives me a little gas, something you might care to remember if you let me tag along next year.
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    Jan 20, 2004
    I take my oats, the old fashion model, straight uncooked w/a little brown sugar.

    Dave, that's what scent locks are for.;)