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    Aug 16, 2009
    just bought a shiloh sharps # 3 sporter ... 45-70. how sweet it is. i'm searching for all the info i can find , especially loads. got the .22 liner and shot it - pretty good. just loaded some laser cast loads 405 gr. with h4198. gonna break it in with rem. jsp bullets. as per badger barrel site instructions. jut bought a leather stitching machine for up to 3/4" leather... should be here next week. i can do really detailed designs on leather,wood , and gourds ( pyrography) with a detailmaster burning system. gonna design a custom case for my sharps from tooling and buffalo leather. i love loading the 45-70 cart.... awesome round. getting the shop insulated and climatized for leather and woodwork. i am (was) a union electrician... took my retirement at 57 to do what i like to do. also, i make custom pens on the lathe. been away from reloading and shooting . the shiloh gives me an " excuse" to start again.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting. It's always good to have an "excuse".:)