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    Aug 5, 2010
    A little about me. I've been shooting 50 cal. matches for a couple of years now, and have made some outstanding new friends there. One of them has been doing some amazing things with a Remington 5R in 308. Long story short I took 2nd place in hunter class at the world championships in July and took a Krieger barrel certificate off the prize table. Krieger is building for me what I can only imagine to be a scalpel of a 300 winmag. I,m going on my first hunting trip next weekend, and am looking forward to the learning experience in hopes that this is an activity that becomes part of my life. The fellow with the 5R usually brings and smokes roasts of different game he's taken, and wow he has convinced me that my freezer needs something more in it. To wrap up my ramblings, the antelope he smoked has got me really itchin to do some long range antelope hunts, and this 300 wm should be more than enough for what I'm looking to do. I'm still up in the air on which stock to use. I didn't care for the palm swell size on the manners t4, and am leaning towards either McMillan or AI. Any input would be welcome. Thanks for listening,Dave
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    Hello and welcome hope you enjoy.

    atb to you W.D