Hey, if we'er gonna tell favorite stories, here's one of mine.

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    Hey, if we\'er gonna tell favorite stories, here\'s one of mine.

    An old weathered fella, probably from up around Stanley comes in to an Idaho Falls dentist's office (just happened to be in town) and wanted a tooth pulled.

    After a wait he gets in the chair.

    The dentist selects a syringe from the tray.

    The old timer says "What's that for?"
    Dentist says "for the pain killer"

    Old timer: "I don't need that. I don't feel pain."

    Dentist proceeds with loading the syringe.

    Old timer: "Hey!, I said I don't need that. Plus it costs money"

    The dentist then proceeds, against his better judgement.

    As he continued the dentist was feeling more pain than the old timer. The tooth had to be chiseled into a couple of pieces, then removed piece at a time. The old timer never flinched.

    After things were over the dentist ask, so you never felt pain?

    The old timer pondered a bit, stroking his chin stubble ane replied "well, yes it did. I remember feeling pain twice."

    The dentist wondering what could be worse than a tooth extraction asked, would you mind telling what happened.

    The old timer said, "Once winter I was trapping up in the White Clouds and there was this Martin stealing a lot of what I was catching. I tried for at least a week to catch him but had no luck.

    So I sets me a blanket set, you know, traps all over the place around the main set. I put a bunch of them down.

    Couple of days later I was up there around that set and got an awful urge to "go". There was no time to find a "spot" it was either drop the drawers or fill 'em."

    Well I dropped 'em and let'r rip. About that time one of those traps grabs me by the scrotum (he actually did't say scrotum). And that hurt!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

    The dentist asked what the other instance was.

    The old timer replied:

    When I come to the end of that damn chain. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif