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  1. yoda

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    Nov 27, 2007
    Well this is the problem i have is that i'm right handed but i'm am left eye dominat. so i shoot left handed i can shoot left handed out to about 500 very well but when it comes time to cycle the bolt, theres no cordation there, what i'm asking is there an auto or a lever action that can be shot out to these ranges. will be used for vamint. and would like to some day hunt big game.
  2. AJ Peacock

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    Oct 7, 2005
    Dry fire practice. Using an empty rifle in a room that has no live ammo in it. Practice shouldering and cycling your rifle. Do it 20 times twice a day and let us know what you think in about a week.

    Trust me, muscle memory is a great thing. Once you've done the repetition 3000 times, you will never forget it and it might actually feel more natural than right handed. This is how I learned to draw a pistol right or left handed. Pick up/put down a shotgun or rifle right or left etc. Drawing a pistol lefty was always about 1/10 second slower than my right. This was for Cowboy Action competitions.


  3. britz

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    Mar 11, 2007

    I am left eyed dominant and right handed too. I shoot left handed and have for 20+ years (I'm 27). Today I can cycle the bolt much faster left handed than I can right handed. Besides when you are shooting 400+, what is the big deal to take another second to make the follow up shot.

    But if you insist on using an autoloader. The best in the market are the Heckler and Koch of germany chambered in .308 (running over $4000), or a match grade m1A1 (m14 running about $1400). DPMS is currently making several AR models of 243, 204, 223, 6mm rem .308 and 300RSAUM. They are good rifles but all cost 1400 plus for the cheapest models.
  4. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    I'm right handed and right eye dominant but have to shoot left handed. This started two years ago. The transition is simple if you HAVE to do it. If an old geezer can do it you certainly can.

    Do what AJ said.

    I have a left handed rifle and a right handed rifle. I shoot both equally from either side. I just can't vary the scope power using the right eye or the shots walk from left to right as power is increased.

    I'd rather shoot the right handed action lefty than the lefty action lefty.:confused:

    I just talk in different terms. My righty is Right Bolt and Right Port. Just cooler lingo;)
  5. gbp

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    Aug 22, 2006
    Good god I must be really messed up. I'm left eyed and right handed all my rifles are right hand action but either ambidextrious stocked or left hand stocked. I operate the bolt with the right hand, been doing it so long anything else seems wierd.
  6. mudslgr

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    Nov 29, 2007
    I would try out the CMP. They have a large selection of goodies. On the M-14, what diff. cals. does it come in?