Help with spotting scope purchase.

Discussion in 'Optics For Sale' started by william101, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Sep 22, 2005
    Hello,Im needing some help with finding the best all around spotting scope for the money.I only have about 200.00 to spend.any Ideas.When I say all around I mean for shooting as well as for hunting. I was looking at a bushnell compact collapsible spacemaster 15-45 w/50mm obj comes w/tripod window mount ,soft case,aluminum hard case and has a 45 deg eyepiece.any thoughts or better ideas? again All I have to work with is about 200.00 dollars.Thanks for any help.
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    Dec 3, 2007
    In that price range, staying with a compact 65 scope, you may want to take a look at the Vortex Sandpiper 15-45x65, Vortex - Camera Land NY

    A Rugged, Portable Scope
    Enter the world of birding with the exceptional optics and ruggedness that come with this first scope in the Stokes Birding Series. Distinctive broadband coatings on the Sandpiper reduce surface reflections for crisp, bright feather details and spectacular color, regardless of the lighting conditions outside.

    • 15-45x zoom eyepiece gives you incredible range and versatility in the field.
    • Ample eye relief throughout the zoom range provides full field viewing for all users, even with eyeglasses.
    • Pleasantly soft, modern retractable eyecup adds comfort for long hours of viewing.
    A built-in viewing aide is your guide to finding and zooming in on birds faster. And the tripod mounting collar on the Sandpiper lets you rotate the scope body to virtually any angle you prefer — especially useful for viewing with car window mounts.

    Oversized 65mm scope for brighter views
    Step up from a conventional 60mm spotting scope to the larger 65mm Sandpiper and still keep a hand on portability. The Sandpiper spotting scope pulls in more light for brighter views throughout the versatile range of this modern 15-45x eyepiece. Your eye will rest comfortably against the soft rubber eyecup that twists back for full field viewing if you wear eyeglasses.

    Waterproof and ready for rainy day birding
    If you're serious about birding, you won't let a little thing like "poor" weather keep you inside ... so, be ready for all the action with the Sandpiper!

    • Waterproofing with O-ring seals provides reliable viewing no matter how often, or long, you are out in the rain.
    • Fogproof viewing with nitrogen purged optics prevents internal fogging of the lenses in sudden temperature changes.
    • Retractable sunshade keeps the glaring sun (or dew) from reducing the quality of your views.
    Straight eyepiece design
    The straight eyepiece position works well when viewing downward from an elevated platform, such as a deck or patio. The more natural line of sight of the straight eyepiece is favored by many novice users trying to follow wildlife on the move. Spotter Price: $199.99