Help with a dream bean field rifle

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Hi guys

    I’m new to the site with a keen interest in long range hunting and shooting. Something that is also starting to become more popular here in South Africa, but for the time being info and equipment is a little scares, although I assume there is a few guys here in South Africa with the required knowledge. These is where I really appreciate forums like this, but also envy you guys with the selection of equipment you have on your door step and the prices you get to pay for it. That is not even mentioning the little trouble you have to go through to obtain a rifle.

    My hunting arsenal currently consists of a custom 25-06 on a Mauser action and CZ 501 308win and 375 H&H CZ 550. Have done some silhouette shooting at 500m with both the 25-06 and 308 and sure the 375 H&H with the 200 gr GS Custom (+-1/2 MOA grouping load) bullets will reach it once I have sorted out the trajectory. Having sorted out all my study debt it is time to pursue on of my dreams: Owning my own “bean field” rifle.

    Currently I’m trying to order two stocks from Richards Rifle Stocks, one for my 25-06 and one with no inletting for my new rifle. Although I would love to buy a complete rifle such as a Sako TRG or similar, not even to mention the Dakoto Longbow, budget at this point will not allow it for a while. So instead I’m going the route of gather the components for the rifle, starting off with the stock, which I will then eventually put together. Some guidance from you guys with regards to a few points will be appreciated.

    Calibre wise I’m currently leaning towards the either a 338 Lapua or a 338 RUM and have also considered the 338 Edge although reamers may be a problem over here. From what could gather is that the only reason why the Lapua can be considered more accurate compared to the other two calibres is because of better brass being available for the 338 LM? Although brass for the LM is much more expensive, they will outlast the brass for the RUM and Edge which comes down to the same cost?

    Barrels her in South Africa is not a problem but action is. Do any of you guys know of manufactures which produce barrelled action which they export? I see Montana Rifles do, would you guys recommend them? Also what is you take on Savage actions and does anyone know if they sell barrelled action in the 338 LM? Any CZ 550 barrelled action? Yes I’m currently not aware of all the regulations and everything but given the current level of available action importing will have to be considered.

    If barrelled action is not an option, what other actions would you suggest I have a look at, which is relatively economical but will also do the job required of it? This is a hunting rifle and the action needs to be able to take some punishment be able to function with a little dirt around it. Will a CZ 550 action be accurate enough? Sorry for the long write up but your help would be appreciated.