Help/opinions on putting together gear for backpack hunting

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Sooo.. getting into back pack hunting now that the boys are old enough and its gotten to the point where you have to get a long way from roads to consistently find game.

    Trying to do this on a moderate budget but still be safe and comfortable:

    It will be me and my two sons 10 and 12.

    So far:


    Bought two LL bean carry all packs... cost 79 bucks and have great reviews. Have had them out on day hikes with weight and they seem to do quite well.

    Need to design a system to pack sundries since the frame is pretty bare bones. I have a fanny pack attached to the bottom for hunting gear (knives, saw, gloves, etc) and a small pack attached to the top for survival kit

    I was thinking of getting camoflage dry bags to put the rest of the gear in...

    If so.. should I go with the cheap nylon (and much lighter) or go with heavier but more durable pvc?

    OR could I get away with compression bags and a camo rain cover?

    Will it be too noisy?

    I have thought of getting a erbelstock X2 to throw in for the third pack... I figure that when out hunting, it could carry some of the more "loose" items, and the other two packs could be paired down for less weight and if we get something down.. the smallest boy could carry the erbelstock with our "personals" and the other two packs could handle a deer or elk (with two trips) between the two of us.

    Sleeping system:

    WOW did stuff get expensive. I am a bigger fellow with wide shoulders. I want something comfortable... but not too bulky or heavy.

    I figure a zero degree bag would be best (that should be comfortable in 20 degree weather) .. I like synthetic only because, well because I had problems with a down bag and water when I was younger.

    So far.. the bag that looks like a good value is the Mountain hardware lamina 0 degree mummy.
    Thoughts and suggestions.

    Then it comes to tent..

    no real ideas here other than I want to keep it under 200 dollars and 8 pounds if possible for three people. Or four preferably.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.