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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by JPhelps, Nov 29, 2006.

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    Nov 24, 2006
    I am new to this whole long range thing, but am getting addicted just reading and listening to your posts. I currently shoot a remington 700 7mm RM (bone stock, besides the trigger being lightened to 2.2 lbs).I have taken some deer and 1 elk at around 500 yards, and am wanting to get a gun that shoots farther and a custom.
    I will be buying a 700 action to build a custom off of. After talking to a local gunsmith he talked me into going with a Shilen match grade barrel. Now for the caliber? I was originally going to go with a .300 RUM. Now after seing the .338 edge and 7mm AM, I want to make sure I go all out. I do have some reloading experience just with my 7mag though. What will be best for taking blacktail deer, mule deer and elk? Also what will be easiest to reload for? Should I go with a wildcat or just stick to a 7stw, 7rum, .300 rum, or .338 rum. Excuse me if these are dumb questions.
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    Not dumb questions at all.

    The factory offerings you list are all plenty potent for any long range hunting and obviously easy to load for.

    The two wildcats you list are extremely impressive performers. Shawn Carlocks 338 Edge is about as easy to load for as they come and offers as much performance as possible in a round that is easily fitted into a repeating Rem 700 receiver.

    My 7mm Allen Magnum is a bit different beast. Not hard to load for, just more time involved at the loading bench. My round is designed for one thing, beating the wind!! It has a large powder capacity, relatively small bore diameter and designed to shoot very long heavy 7mm bullets such as the 200 gr ULD RBBT. As such, it is not as user friendly as far as loading for it.

    That said, once you get your load, ballistially there is very little that will run with it except the huge 338 magnums based on the 408 CT case such as my 338 Allen Magnum.

    Since you are relatively new to loading I would take a very hard look at Shawns 338 Edge. With the 300 gr SMK you have an extremely potent long range hammer and if your serious about elk hunting, the 338 caliber has a distinct edge in terminal effect. All are more then adiquate for cleanly harvesting elk at long range but there is no doubt the larger diameter, heavier 338 bullets hit heavy game with more authority.

    Its just a hell of a round that is easy to load for, very easy to find great loads for and no extensive case forming or fireforming needed in any way. Better yet, you will never out grow the performance of the Edge.

    For one rifle that will work great for all your intended game that is easy to load for, the Edge would be my first choice with your loading experience level.

    Not that I am putting down my own round, its just that it would be easier for you to get into the Edge with good results, there can be a bit of a learning curve with the 7mm AM, hell I think I am still doing that myself.

    Good Shooting and welcome to LRH.

    Kirby Allen(50)

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Kirby I am wondering about the same thing. My dad and I are wanting to build a LR elk rifle out to 1500 yards at most, probly more like 1200 though. Anyways, first initial thought was 338 EDGE and 300g SMK. Next was your 7mm AM and the 200g Wildcat. Was hoping youd chime in up there, but ya haven't yet and I am very curious to here what you think comparing the 2 on elk size game that far out. My dad has kinda already made up his mind to go with the 338 EDGE and the 300g slug.